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If you have a broken drive gate now, have it fixed immediately because it is a key element in the security of your home and family as well as the face of your house to the public.  If your drive gate is malfunctioning, it can cost you thousands of dollars. If your opener is broken, it could close on your car accidentally and cause damage. Don’t let that broken drive gate become something you just live with every day – get it fixed right now and contact Lantana Gates & Garage Doors.  

Power On

Probably the most common drive gate failure is when you push the button and nothing happens. Something, somewhere, isn’t getting power.  There are a couple of common possibilities as well such as the battery on the remote is not working anymore or there is a problem with the gate’s electrical breaker.

Mechanical Failure

There are different types of drive gate but before you call us out you might want to check that there is nothing physically blocking a part your gate from opening.   Once you have checked that and you see nothing, then it’s time to call Lantana Gates & Garage Doors and have us come over and take a look.


Gates are normally so trouble free that we don’t even think about them.  Since we don’t think about them, we also don’t give them the proper maintenance service they deserve and little problems build up unnoticed until they become big enough to stop the gate from working properly. This is why we recommend having your drive gates checked at least once a year. It’s not just the basic stuff like lubricating hinges and checking electrical contacts, there are also other issues like maintaining the chain tension in a sliding gate, or the spring tension of a lifting one. Having it checked by our expert technicians will most likely spot the problems long before they happen. Contact Lantana Gates & Garage Doors now to have a service appointment and regular service contract for your drive gate. It is always cheaper to maintain than to repair or replace your drive gate with a new one.

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